Database Plugins, LLC. specializes in the design, development and
implementation of data-centric computing solutions



Database Plugins' dbPluginServer has beennamed to Database Trends & Applications 2014 list of innovative programs.

Trend Setting Products in Data 2014

Steve Guilford, founder and President of Database Plugins writes an article for Database Trends and Applications

Putting the Oracle Database To Work as a Multimedia Warehouse

Database Plugins participates in the July edition of Database Trends & Applications Thought Leadership Series:

Unstructured Data: Managing, Integrating and Extracting Value

What is Data-Centric Computing?

Database Plugins has created a patent-pending user-extensibility framework for databases.  This framework, the  dbPlugin Servertm and related technologies, makes it easy for programmers to extend the logical infrastructure of the Oracle Database (i.e. PL/SQL).  With the Plugin Server, complex, data-dependent logic can now be encorporated directly at the data layer.  This logic can encompass the control and manipulation of hardware devices and the utilization of specialized programming APIs and libraries.

Data-Centric computing is a programming and systems design paradigm that leverages the strengths of a logically enabled, user-extensible database. 

Why Utilize a Data-Centric Solution?

Advanced databases such as Oracle 11g have embedded programming languages that allow programmers to encapsulate core logic directly with the data that it operates upon.  However, databases have been limited by the scope, complexity and type of logic that could be expressed at the data-layer. 

Traditionally, middle-tier specific programming languages, protocols and methodologies have always encompassed user-extensibility.  Unfortunately, this had led to an over-dependence upon the middle tier for the processing of complex data/logic or the control of hardware devices and machinery.  As is readily apparent, this over-dependence upon the middle tier has resulted in undue complexity, vulnerability and instability.

Data-Centric computing brings about a paradigm shift in how systems are designed and implemented.  The benefits of a data-centric architecture can minimize or entirely eliminate many negative aspects of traditional middle-tier heavy designs.

What are the Benefits of a Data-Centric Solution?

The dbPlugin Server is able to extend the scope of the PL/SQL language and add new functionality by the use of a Database Plugin.  Utilizing a Database Plugin results in one of the most significant features of a data-centric architecture - a 'Universal Data-Layer API'. 

By encapsulating core logic functions within the database the resulting mechanism used to access these services becomes a familiar SQL call.  Given that all programming languages and development environments support access to SQL databases, the services proviced by a Database Plugin are available throughout an enterprise regardless of platorm or programming language.  The Databae Plugin can be thought of as a Universal Data-Layer API.

With a Database Plugin, programmers use familiar data-access mechinisms such as JDBC, PDO or client-layer API drivers to utilize core services.  This precludes the need for other middle-tier protocols and standards.  As a result, systems are:

  • More stable
  • Easily administered
  • Simplified by the elimination of needless layers and components
  • Maintenance requirements are reduced due to less frequent or intrusive upgrade releases.

Furthermore, given the tight integration between data and logic, more robust systems can be designed which increase the security and reduce the vectors for malicious infiltration.  This can be especially significant in critical systems infrastructure management.  Instead of data being moved from the data-layer to the middle-tier, acted upon and then moved back (or in instances where the middle tier controls external devices or complex machinery) the critical logic that controls these actions can be co-located with the data.  This reduces the risk of data or devices being accessed and controlled by infiltrative middle-tier 'logical entities'.

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