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年,为盈峰环境科技集团( 更名前为浙江上风实业股份有限公司,股票代码: 000967) 的全资子公司,注册资本10 亿港币。 Shenzhen Green Oriental Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yingfeng Environmental Technology Group ( formerly known as Zhejiang Shangfeng Industrial Co., Ltd., stock code: 000967) with a registered capital of 1 billion Hong Kong dollars.

BOO 等投资方式在不同国家和地区与相关企事业单位进行合作,提供城乡生活垃圾焚烧发电等环保项目的投资、工程建设、运营管理、技术研发、核心设备与配套设备的供应,及产业各环节的顾问咨询等专业化服务。 The main business of Green Oriental is to cooperate with relevant enterprises and institutions in different countries and regions through investment methods such as BOT and BOO , and provide investment, engineering construction, operation management, technology research and development, core equipment and supporting facilities for environmental protection projects such as urban and rural household waste incineration and power generation. Specialized services such as the supply of equipment and consulting in all aspects of the industry.

年的行业发展历程中,积累了丰富的垃圾电厂的建造和运营经验,是中国最早从事垃圾处理产业化探索的企业之一,完成了中国首例垃圾处理产业BOT 合同与项目融资,也是中国最早引进国际先进垃圾焚烧发电技术进行国产化改造、升级、再开发的专业企业,创造了国内首项大型焚烧炉专利技术,并独创了具国际领先水平的垃圾渗滤液处理技术,针对不同地区的自然环境特色、政经人文需求提供最适宜的技术及建厂方案,现已成为行业内最具投资实力和技术及专业经验优势的企业。 During the 19 years of industry development, the company has accumulated rich experience in the construction and operation of waste power plants. It is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the exploration of industrialization of waste treatment in China, and completed the first BOT contract and project financing of waste treatment industry in China . It is also the first professional enterprise in China to introduce international advanced waste incineration power generation technology for domestic transformation, upgrade, and redevelopment. It has created the first patented technology for large-scale incinerators in China, and has created an internationally advanced level of landfill leachate treatment technology. The region's natural environment characteristics, political, economic, and cultural needs provide the most suitable technology and factory construction solutions, and it has become the company with the most investment strength and technical and professional experience advantages in the industry.

In addition to establishing a waste treatment technology research and development center, Green Oriental has also established its own engineering service company and operation management company to provide professional engineering construction and operation management professional services. At the same time, it maintains strategic partnerships with a number of domestic and foreign financial institutions.

In the future, Green Oriental will continue to actively work to solve global environmental pollution problems, and contribute to the realization of corporate social responsibility for environmental protection, pollution reduction and sustainable development of energy.

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Anhuan Supervisor / Deputy Manager (several) Hazardous Waste Technology Chief Engineers (several)
Maintenance Engineer (2) Steam Engine Specialist (2 persons)
Electrical attendant (4 persons) Steam engine attendant (4 persons)
Boiler on duty (4 persons) Value (4 persons)
High-pressure welder (1 person) Full-time inspectors (4 people)
Fuel transportation monitor (1 person) Project General Manager (1 person)
All-round attendant (4 persons) Electrical maintenance (1 person)
Chemical water watchman (4 persons) Steam engine attendant (4 persons)
Crane attendant (6 persons) Turbine Engineer (1 person)
Thermal Control Engineer (1 person) Thermal Control Engineer (1 person)
Civil Engineer (1 person) Electrical Engineer (1 person)
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