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Company Profile

Shanghai Langzhong Electric Co., Ltd. (stock code 002346)

¨ Enterprise status
The company was formerly known as Shanghai Huangzhong Electric Appliance Factory (founded in 1984), specializing in the production of 35kV and below 35kV complete switchgear and 10kV box-type substations. It holds the production licenses (red and green certificates) of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry and the Ministry of Electric Power Industry. It is a member of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association and a member of the China High Voltage Switch Standard Committee.
The company is the only one among the many switch cabinet manufacturers in this city that has been rated as the "Shanghai Best Industrial Enterprise Image Unit" and the only unit with a "Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center". Cabinet is the only product listed in Shanghai's "Top 100 Famous Brands". The Chinese Enterprise Brand Promotion Committee determined that the company's "Zhongzhong" high and low voltage switchgear was awarded the title of "Chinese Famous Brand".
The company's total assets are 767.94 million yuan, net assets are 358.98 million yuan, covers an area of 100,789 square meters, and the factory office area is 44,561 square meters. The land area is 85,324 square meters, and the construction area of the first phase of the project that has been completed is 28,300 square meters.
The company is the backbone of Shanghai's transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing. Among the more than 300 transmission and distribution and control equipment manufacturing companies in the city, the total industrial output value, sales revenue and total profit rank among the top three. City Industrial Sales Top 500. Since 1999, he has participated in the statistical ranking of the national switch industry. In that year, he ranked the ninth in the national switch equipment industry. The total profits and taxes ranked second, and he has become the leading enterprise in the industry in the country. The company's total industrial output value in 2005 was 780 million yuan.
Due to the continuous progress and development of the company, in addition to the central and local 免存送彩金18 media, the leaders of the city and the country, such as Wu Bangguo, Huang Ju, Fei Xiaotong, Chen Zhili, Xu Kuangdi, and Wang Daohan, also successively Visit.

¨ Main product types
35kV and below 35kV complete switchgear, box-type substation
Integrated power monitoring communication system

¨ Technical level
In order to improve the quality of products, improve the quality of enterprises, and thereby enhance the ability to participate in market competition, in recent years, actively committed to international exchanges and collaboration.
Technical cooperation with the Westinghouse of the United States on high-voltage power distribution equipment to provide domestic and foreign users with high-voltage switchgear technology of the Westinghouse of the United States.
Technical cooperation with Schneider of France on low-voltage power distribution equipment, introduction of technology, assembly and production of the most advanced low-voltage switchgear in the world.
Started technical and trade cooperation with Siemens, Germany, and introduced its SF6 insulated ring network switch cabinet.
It also cooperates with ABB in the United States in the technical and trade cooperation of box-type substations. It is the only agent in China that sells ABB box-type substations, accepts technology transfer, and starts the localization process. The project was listed as a major science and technology industrialization project of Shanghai in 1998.
In order to promote the transformation of technological achievements and accelerate the scientific and technological progress of enterprises, in 1998, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University jointly established the "Shanghai Jiaotong University Langzhong Electrical Engineering Research Institute".

¨ Equipment level
In February 2004, the company introduced a sheet metal processing line from Italy's Salvagnini company. In 1993, it introduced three major numerically controlled pieces of sheet metal processing from Japan: CNC turntable punches, CNC bending machines and CNC shears. In the city's switchgear industry, we took the lead in completing the upgrade of equipment, which made the processing capacity and level of the switchgear shell jump to a new level. At the beginning of 1997, the company introduced a numerical control sheet metal flexible processing line representing the highest international standard from Japan. In addition, the automatic electrostatic spraying equipment introduced from North American Corporation has once again become the highest point in the domestic industry in terms of equipment.
The company is equipped with more than one hundred IBM computers in the United States for AUTOCAD design and office automation. The company established the ERP enterprise resource plan in collaboration with the American ORACLE company, forming a high level of scientific management and efficiency.

Human Resources
The company currently has 480 employees. Among them, there are 140 scientific and technical personnel and 36 have senior technical titles. The personnel structure has been distributed in a "dumbbell shape", which meets the requirements of modern enterprises for the allocation of human resources.
The company attaches importance to employee training. With close cooperation with Westinghouse, Schneider, and the supply and demand relationship of machinery and equipment with Japan's Murata, etc., the company's backbone personnel in various departments such as design, production line, quality, sales, customer service, etc. have been selected Training abroad; At the same time, various trainings including quality system, computer application and electrical technology are also organized within the enterprise.

¨ Quality Assurance Model
The company has established a quality management and quality assurance model that complies with the international standard of ISO9001 (2000). Strict management of products from contract review, design, manufacturing to after-sales service to ensure that the quality requirements and warranty terms in the contract or order are met.
The company's quality policy is: "Quality and credibility are the lives of enterprises. In order to ensure the longevity of Langzhong, we will be responsible for the quality and serve the users to the end." Committed to quality, dedicated to development "is the hard work of Langzhong employees. Standards of work. We have established a quality system in accordance with the ISO9001 standard, giving play to its prevention-oriented and continuous improvement functions to achieve product perfection, customer satisfaction and enterprise development. "
The company took the lead in the same industry in January 1997 and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification of SGS in Switzerland and Guangzhou Saibao in China. In April 2003, it passed the certification of the auditing agency again.

¨ market share
The company is based in Shanghai and spreads across the country. The market share of medium and low voltage distribution equipment in Shanghai has reached more than 20%. In recent years, it has successively served the Hong Kong Metro, Shanghai Metro, Shanghai Maglev Railway, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Baosteel Group's No. 1 Steel Company Blast Furnace, Hudong Shipyard, Shanghai 80,000 Stadium, Shanghai Sharp and Shanghai Government Building, Shanghai Library New Construction, reconstruction, and expansion of the Museum, Pudong Development Bank, Shanghai University New Campus, Shanghai Zhabei Power Plant, Wusong Power Plant, many financial and commercial buildings in the Lujiazui area of Pudong, and most commercial facilities on Nanjing East Road in Shanghai Provide reliable power distribution equipment. At the same time, the company actively expands the market. In recent years, it has successively been Hangzhou Steel Works, Chongqing Steel Works, Wuhan Steel Works, Panji Hua Steel Works, Kunming Steel Works, Shenyang Taoxian Airport, and Huaiyin Cigarette Factory. And many other projects provide equipment supporting, and established a good reputation among customers. After the 10kV mid-mounted cabinet was awarded the Shanghai Famous Brand Product in 1998, the full series of products have been awarded the Shanghai Famous Brand Product for 7 consecutive years since 1999 and listed as the Top 100 Famous Brand Product in Shanghai.
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Contact: Miss Yang
contact address: 368 Cangong Road, Zhelin Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai
Postal code: 201424

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