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(证券代码839031 )于2003年成立,现为中国电力规划设计协会理事单位、广东省工程咨询协会常务理事单位、广东省电机工程学会会员单位、珠海市勘察设计协会理事单位、珠海市电力行业协会会员单位、“高新技术企业”称号。 Zhuhai Huacheng Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. (stock code 839031 ) was established in 2003 and is currently a member of the China Electric Power Planning and Design Association, a standing member of the Guangdong Engineering Consulting Association, a member of the Guangdong Electrical Engineering Society, and a survey and design company in Zhuhai. Council member unit, member unit of Zhuhai Electric Power Industry Association, "high-tech enterprise" title.

平方米,具有电力行业(送电工程、变电工程)专业设计甲级资质、咨询甲级 、电力行业(新能源发电、风力发电)专业设计乙级资质、工程勘察专业类工程测量乙级资质,专业承接500kV及以下输变电工程、新能源发电工程、 100MW以下风力发电工程、以及全过程咨询、设计和工程测量等业务,开展综合能源管理及工程节能评估等服务。 The company's existing office space is 8000 square meters, with professional design of Grade A qualification for power industry (transmission engineering, transformer engineering), consulting for Grade A , professional design of Grade B for power industry (new energy power generation, wind power generation), and engineering survey. Class B qualification for project measurement, professionally undertake 500kV and below power transmission and transformation projects, new energy power generation projects, wind power projects below 100MW , and full-process consulting, design and engineering measurement services, and carry out services such as integrated energy management and engineering energy conservation assessment . The business scope is distributed in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan and other regions.

年至2013年,十年深耕经营主网业务, 2013年全面拓展配网业务。 From 2003 to 2013 , ten years of intensive cultivation of the main network business, and in 2013 , the network distribution business was fully expanded.

年公司成立了智能配电网研发中心,积极推进智能配电网的研发。 In 2014 , the company set up a smart distribution network research and development center to actively promote the research and development of smart distribution networks.

年公司成功增项电力行业(风力发电、新能源发电)专业设计乙级资质, 抓住国家提倡“一带一路”发展举措,慢慢壮大公司在海外的发展空间,以发电带送变电、走向海外。 In 2015 , the company successfully added the power industry (wind power generation, new energy power generation) professional design of Class B qualifications, seized the country's initiative to promote the “Belt and Road” development measures, and gradually expanded the company ’s overseas development space. Go overseas.

,客户满意率为100% ,工程质量和信誉均受到需求方及监理方的好评,在南方电网公司设计供应商评价中名列前茅。 The passing rate of all the projects completed by the company is 100% , and the customer satisfaction rate is 100% . The project quality and credibility have been well received by the demand side and the supervising side.

为客户创造精品工程、设计百年基业,为中国电力事业做出更大贡献。 Looking forward to the future, the company adheres to the management policy of “meticulous design, scientific management, care for employees, health and safety, social responsibility, green environmental protection, continuous improvement, providing customers with products and services that comply with regulations and requirements,” and creates high-quality projects for customers, Design a century-old foundation to make greater contributions to China's power industry.

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